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    NEW ITEM: QC3.0 USB Fast Charger/Duplex Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

    Keygma 3.0 USB Charger/Duplex Tamper-Resistant Receptacles offer high power charging capabilities to get your electronic devices up and running fast!

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    China Public Holidays 2018

    There are currently seven official public holidays in China. Each year’s holidays are announced weeks before the start of the year by the General Office of the State Council. Weekends are usually swapped with the weekdays next to the actual holiday to create a longer vacation period.

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    What is Ground-fault Circuit Interrupters?

    A GFCI is a device whose function is to interrupt the electric circuit to the load when a fault current to ground exceeds some predetermined value that is less than that required to operate the overcurrent protective device of the circuit. GFCIs are intended to be used only in circuits where one of the conductors is solidly grounded.

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    Crackdown on fire hazards

    The authority also said many residents used electrical appliances, such as kettles, that were unsafe and faulty wiring was common.

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    24 Dead in Religious School Fire in Malaysia Caused by a Short Circuit or Leakage

    A total of 24 people have died in a fire at a religious school in Kuala Lumpur early Thursday morning, said a Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department official.